Signature Collection

Thinking of how to evolve Akis Mavrakis Signature Photography is nothing more than thinking about You and your desires! You are unique and so is our Signature Wedding Collection designed for.

Akis Mavrakis, Photographer

Our signature style imagery in a unique, personalised collection.

Akis Mavrakis Signature collection is made for You!

Akis Mavrakis Signature collection reflects our desire to offer you tailor made services and make your experience with us unique and positive. But it ceases there! Searching the photographic industry around the world for unique materials and prototype ideas, we promise elegant, eco-friendly, unique products, which are stunning, works of art in themselves.

Their handmade beauty promises that everything you receive from us will be unique.Even if you order a second one! Each Signature book and other items is inperfect - perfect, unlike anything you've seen before. A master peace!


  • Individual and personalised services.
  • No coverage hour limits.
  • Unique, stunning products.Just made for You!
  • Eco - friendly, only earth materials.
  • After hour appointments and consultation, all days of week!

Elegant, unique, unparalleled. Designed just for YOU!

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